Dough Duos
Dough Duos
Dough Duos
Dough Duos

Dough Duos

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Do you cringe when your little ones mix their playdough? That's okay, we got you covered because our Dough Duos were designed to be MIXED!

Handmade from non-toxic ingredients (white flour, non-food grade food colouring and flavours). Playdough is recommended for ages 3+ and is great for developing fine motor skills, differentiating between colours and helps strengthen muscles by kneading the dough while playing. 

Available in 7 combinations: 

  • Strawberry | Banana
  • Banana | Cotton Candy
  • Cotton Candy | Bubblegum
  • Apple | Cotton Candy
  • Cotton Candy | Orange
  • Orange | Tutti Frutti
  • Tutti Frutti | Vanilla

    Care Instructions: Playdough must be stored in the air-tight containers provided and lid must be screwed on tightly after play to preserve the lifespan of product due to natural ingredients. Our dough can last 6-12 months if played with consistently and stored following these instructions. Containers and lids are BPA Free.

    *CHOKING HAZARD: Children should always be supervised while playing. Playdough should NOT be consumed. Playdough should NOT be consumed.

    **NOTE: Playdough must be stored in air-tight containers provided, in dry area. If mould becomes visible due to natural ingredients (salt and flour), discard product immediately. 

    All of our products are recommended for ages 3+. 

    ***ALLERGY ALERT: This product contains wheat. Not made in a peanut free facility. 

    PLAYDOUGH INGREDIENTS: White Flour, Salt, Food Colouring, Cream of Tartar, vegetable oil and Food Grade Essential Oils/Flavours.